Diabetic Diet Guidelines Are Opportunities


Date & time Sep 14 2017, Thursday
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Diabetes is a serious disease associated with higher levels of normal glucose levels that occur in the blood of the person who has the disease. Destructeur de Diabète Type 2   Glucose is a form of sugar that is obtained by the body from food that is eaten every day in the natural course of life. Glucose is an essential source of fuel that the body cells turn to energy during many of them and metabolic activities continue. It is a fact that glucose is needed to keep us alive.

To provide a simplified explanation of some of the complex events occurring in the body, it can be said that normally, after eating and digesting food, the glucose content is passed through the intestine into the bloodstream which delivers glucose to various tissues and organs along the body. Then, with the help of insulin hormone, produced in the pancreas, the body processes glucose to allow its absorption into the cells of the body. If there is more glucose than the cells require, extra is converted and stored as fat.

So, it's about what we eat and how the body works well. Unfortunately, in the case of someone with diabetes, their glucose-degrading system deteriorates with the result that higher glucose levels remain in the bloodstream.

When the doctor diagnoses that the patient is diabetic, which means that it is safe for the patient to have a diabetes illness called, it is usual for a physician to advise on feeding issues and can provide access to a dietitian who can adapt to the disease. diet to meet the needs and tastes of diabetic patients who have been newly diagnosed.

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