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Quit Smoking Marlboro Cigarettes When I was young, I saw an actor holding a Marlboro cigarette in the movie every time, I was very envy. I thought that generally celebrities and successful people are inseparable from the Marlboro cigarette. At that time, although Id like to try, but I was worry about it. I was admitted to the university outside when I was 18 years old, I left my parents for the first time management and protection, in order to let a person feel mature, every fellow party, I smoke a few, but not yet addictive. After graduated from university to work, according to provisions grass-roots training for a year, and mingle with the masses, I smoke heavily, espoused a cigarette after a meal than of the living immortal life philosophy. Back to the authorities often stay up all night writing articles, need to smoke refreshing, then addicted to smoking, and began my long and painful history of smoking cessation. Since online cigarettes I caught smoking, parents did little to persuade me to give up smoking, especially after marriage, my wife is strongly object to smoking, every weekend family reunion, have become denounced. Everyone from the harmful components of cigarette, talked about due to various diseases caused by smoking, and then talked about the harm of smoking to the family and society, listing the necessity of guilt and quit smoking. At the "YTDFSGFGCUEYAB" beginning I thought contribute to the tobacco industry in China, such as reasons to divert the topic, then turned a deaf ear, then dont live the escalating denounced, had no choice but to oral promise. Smokers are aware that smoking is easy to quit. Two packs Marlboro cigarettes a day senior smokers level for me, to quit smoking cigarettes for sale is even harder and colleagues joked that: if I quit smoking, it seems like I quit eating. Since I stand under the ban on smoking, I try to gradually reduce the amount of smoking, every addiction when only smoke half tribe, by drinking tea and eating sugar and smoking to distract, results didnt quit Newport Short Cigarettes smoking and instead newport 100s contracted on the tea and sugar addiction addiction. In order to help me to quit smoking, my wife tried many methods. One month down, get me a headache no appetite, naturally do not want to smoke. But short-lived, due to Party school study, as to the liberated areas, around all the old smoker, my mouth addiction has wary of addiction not in addition to, so vigorous anti smoking campaign failed. Then I quit smoking several times, but all failed, the wife has lost confidence in this. Of course I smoke also than previously less smoke a lot of every day not more than two packs, back after the bitter experience, think about smoking a lot of harm and cessation of all kinds of benefits, I finally decided to give up smoking, and go through untold hardships, finally I quit smoking Marlboro Cigarettes, the wife cook a lovely dinner to celebrate, she said I quit smoking this time, It is more difficult for me to quit smoke Newport cigarettes. After a month I successfully quit smoking, my colleagues in the hotel for me to celebrate, and quit meals a day, I have to eat pasta.

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