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Exercise contributes dramatically to your Unlock Your Hip Flexors overall health. It is rare to find someone who is in a good state of health being lazy and inactive. Research has shown that inactivity as well as a poor diet can all be major contributors to many deadly health problems. Exercise helps in reducing your chances of getting heart disease, osteoporosis, and even non-insulin dependent diabetes. It is pretty easy to understand why this is. If the body is inactive and fed foods of poor quality it will not be at it's best and perform as it is supposed to.

Think of your body as a car or some type of machine. If that car is given gasoline that is of low quality it is bad for the car and will not allow it to work up to it's full potential. The same goes if a car or machine is not used. Look at those cars that people leave on their front lawns. They sit there being unused and not maintained and it shows. It makes the car look horrible and rusted and it will be hard to get it to work properly. This is like your body. The muscles need to be flexed, the heart has to get a workout, and the blood needs to be racing through your veins. Have you ever seen an overweight person with a good solid steady exercise program? Of course not unless they have a genetic disorder...

You need to think about the foods that you put into your mouth. And you need to limit the amount of time that your body is not being used, whether you sit at a desk job all day or come from work and sit in front of the T.V. for hours; something needs to be changed in your lifestyle.

When your body is not at its best it cannot fight off diseases such as osteoporosis, or heart disease. When you are overweight it also puts a lot of stress on your heart as well as your bones. Poor diet also contributes to plaque build up in the heart not letting it function properly.


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