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Yahoo encourages its users to change their Yahoo Email password. It is also recommended to keep strong passwords so that the passwords are not hacked or compromised in any way. This also helps ensures that the users can access their Yahoo email without any problems.  Yahoo provides the users with different apps for Android, iPhone, iPad, and many other OS. After you change the password of your Yahoo account on PC you need to update the password on the devices so that the Yahoo mail may be able to retrieve new emails and send emails. It also helps keep the mail synchronized. It is quite simple to synchronize the Yahoo mail app for the password changes. If you face any problem in doing so, you can contact Yahoo mail customer support number to get the problem fixed instantly.

Steps to update your Yahoo mail password on Android Mail App?

Updating to Yahoo mail password on Android mail app is quite easy. If you won’t update the password, you won’t be able to get any new messages and it will show the errors. In order to do so, you have to just go through the steps mentioned below.

·         #Press the Menu button of your device.

·         #Then Tap the Accounts tab.

·         #After that Tap on the Email icon.

·         #Tap on the button Account Settings.

·         #Update your password here and then tap on the OK button.

This will make you able to send and receive Emails. If you still aren’t able to receive the message you can choose to delete the Yahoo mail account and re-add the account again with the updated password to set the Yahoo account. If you still are facing any problem you can try reinstalling the Yahoo app and then log in to your account. You need to make sure that you have the latest version of the Yahoo mail app.

Sometimes due to some complex issues the users are not able to update their Yahoo mail app. If you too are facing any problem on your device give a buzz on Yahoo app technical support number. If you too are facing similar problems with your device you can get in touch with Yahoo experts to get the quick fix for your Yahoo problems as soon as you encounter it.





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