About us

Facekobo is the friendly social network that allow registered users to create profiles, upload pictures and videos, send and receive messages, video chat and keep in touch with friends, pen-pals, classmates, co-workers, family members, find lost contacts and socialites. Founded on the principle of "user right to privacy" by three partners from the continents of Asia, Europe and Africa.

Kobo in Facekobo which means "together" as adopted for sub-units of currency in Nigeria and Japan's tri-mountains, "Mount Kobo", was adopted after purposeful evaluation of social network, and the need to change the current trend and direction. The founders had the idea of a free site bringing people together across continents, race, ethnicity and cultures while ensuring their right to privacy and shared benefits to include direct accessibility and affordable cost of advertising.

The introduction of '1 dollar per day' advertising (1 unit of your local currency per hour Ad), irrespective of where you are residence was one of the goals of the founders. New startups and poor countries have been priced out of advertising by big social networks. Facekobo recognized that to achieve this goal it had to implement a decision that gives new startups from poor countries the same opportunities as those from rich nations hence it had to remove the exchange rate barrier through the introduction of a flat 1.00 unit of your currency per hour ad. This officially makes Facekobo the cheapest site to advertise on the web. Our follower-ship and achievements are evidence that we have long been expected and the time is "Ripe".

Big social networks are uncomfortable with Facekobo and its idea especially as related with its purpose, directional change and cost of advertising, but we are unshaken, focused and determined to change the future of social networking. Be a part of history, sign up, join the conversation and change your world.